A novela I wrote, not much to day about it really.
Well… Enjoy.

I hear screaming through the thunder,

Shrill with pain and despair.

Crescendo; so much pain, it’s my fault.

I think I will fail and I will die along with those I love.

My heart beats slower and my breathing falters,

I don’t think I will be saved this time.

Giving my life in this battle shall not be in vain,

For as I grow weaker, she grows stronger.

If anyone should get out, it is her.

She will get out, I must have faith.

I am dying, the screaming has stopped.

I love you, Kisara.

It was his last testament – the last testament of a broken mind. The writing was shaky and the page was smudged in some places.

He was dead.

Perhaps now he was somewhere with less pain. Yes, he was. He was with her still, forever. Even though she couldn’t see him.

A loud bang jarred Kisara back to reality. She turned and saw the ghost ship erupt with orange and white flame before bursting outward in explosion. The debris flew in all directions, landing in the water and floating there.

There was nothing left of the dead ship, no more people and no more life. Kisara stared down into the dark water, hoping to find at least the Lost Souls. Maybe see her love one last time. She desperately wanted to know that there was still life somewhere. That she wasn’t alone.

But the water was empty. She really was alone.

In a fit of desperation she yelled out to no one. “Is anybody out there?!”

No response, not even a breath of wind. “Please?” she whispered, scarlet tears still streaming down her face.

“Please answer me…”                                                              
























d Part 3: Judgement c

The boat pulled up on the dreary sand of the beach with a harsh grating sound.

Liked it
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