A novela I wrote, not much to day about it really.
Well… Enjoy.

And then three times thou shalt knock…

It seemed so obvious now; Kisara hit herself in the head. “Duh, you’re so stupid sometimes,” She said out loud. She couldn’t stop smiling and it occurred to her that she was talking to herself. That was odd, was she going mad?

She skipped over to the waiting door, the key still sitting patiently in the white lock; she raised her knuckles to the door and knocked three times.

“One, two, three-” she said to herself as the knocked.

Giddy with glee, potentially born of some toxic chemical in the air she had been inhaling the whole time or perhaps she was just going a little crazy, she started to snigger like a small child playing a practical joke. She stood back from the door and waited.

She waited.

Nothing happened.

And then the problem hit her like a second brick with wings, the lock was white, and the rhyme said to find the key to the golden lock. She was at the wrong door.

“Oh, I am a silly,” she said again, still too happy that the situation should allow. “First I get Lucas killed and now I’m at the wrong door; silly, silly me!”

She laughed louder, it was hilarious. The giggle turned into a cackle which became hysterical. The laughing turned into crying and tears started to stream down her face. She ran up to the door and started hitting it with her clenched fists.

“You stupid door! Why won’t you just open!! What more can I do!!” she yelled at no one. “Damn it!!!!”

She grabbed the key from the white lock and threw it with all her strength towards the middle of the desert that bordered the beach. “Screw this crap! I’m sick of your game!! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?!!!”

“LUCAS!? Lucas?!! Where are you? I need you…”

“Damn this! If I can’t open the door with the key, I’ll smash it open!”

She backed up few steps and prepared to spring. She leapt forward and then time stopped and she waited suspended in the air and her thoughts rushed though her clouded mind.

I can get through the door, nothing is impossible! But surely if nothing is impossible then it’s possible that something could be impossible. But if something’s impossible then not everything is possible and thus the first saying becomes untrue. How does that work?! Is that a paradox?

Liked it
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