A novela I wrote, not much to day about it really.
Well… Enjoy.

She forced herself to stand up. Her legs felt like jelly and hardly supported her. She swallowed the pain and started trudging towards the lighthouse; the only sign of civilisation.

The first step was easy, but then it got harder. Her bare feet sank into the lose sand making every step an effort. She tried to remember how she got to the gloomy beach. Her memory was foggy as though a grey veil had been thrown over her mind; she remembered who she was and where she came from, everything before the yesterday was crystal clear, but after that … nothing.

Abruptly, she noticed that walking had become much easier. She looked down and realised that she had passed the sand and emerged onto the dead sickly green grass.

She quickened her pace, until she was almost running up the steep hill. She looked up at the lighthouse. It was constructed entirely of weatherworn white stone. An ivory door stood at the front with a gold handle. At the top of the lighthouse was a viewing platform with golden railings.

Bitter wind howled throughout the bleak area carrying tiny grains of sand that cut into Kisara’s flesh, she ducked her head and covered her face with her forearm. She started sprinting up the hill to get out of the biting gale.

She reached a point where the ground stopped sloping up and gingerly opened her eyes. She had reached the top of the hill, the wind still billowed around her, tossing her hair around her shoulders and threatening to lift her off the ground; there was no sand in this wind so it was bearable. She turned her eyes to the sign. It was made of gold, but lacked shine in the dim mist. Carved into the surface was an inscription:


d The Lighthouse c

Only the true may shine the light,

Look back in hind sight,

Find the key to the golden lock,

And then three times thou shalt knock,

Redeem the sins thou hath commit,

And thus the light shall be lit.


          She read the inscription three times over, each time hoping to pick up something she had missed previously, but nothing popped out. She sighed; still she didn’t know where she was. She turned around and once again started out over the windswept beach. It looked as though the fog had thickened but she couldn’t be sure, past the beach there was just sandy orange desert.

Liked it
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