A novela I wrote, not much to day about it really.
Well… Enjoy.

The pain built and built and built and then…


She saw Lucas in front of her; screaming.







d Part 4: The Desert c

She was in a plane, sitting in the very back. It was shaking violently and everyone was screaming. She realised she too was screaming. She clutched tightly to the arm rests next to her. There was smoke everywhere. She couldn’t think or breathe.

Suddenly the overhead lockers burst open and bags fell out everywhere, some cracking open and sending books and papers reeling around the heads of the frightened passengers. The compartment above her head came open and the oxygen masks fell from the ceiling. She hurriedly grabbed hers and fitted it around her face. Even in her present panic she noticed that it smelt like feet mixed with old rubber, but it beat the smell of smoke.

She looked around the frightened passengers and saw Sean. He gave her a frightened little smile. She wasn’t very reassured but it was a good gesture. She smiled back and took his shaking hand in her own. He was terrified and so was she.

She looked back at Lucas; he pulled her close and gave her one final kiss goodbye on top of her head. Then the plane thundered forward and crashed into the ground. They were flung forward into the seats in from of them. It hurt for a moment.

Then it just went black and she felt nothing.

The darkness was thick, like oil. Kisara started around but there was nothing, she was blind. She tried to move, to find something, but the darkness was constricting, as though she was underwater.

“Hello?!!” she cried out but there was no answer. She should have been scared, but she felt nothing. She was empty, like a shell you find at the beach that has been deserted by a hermit crab.

“Is anybody out there?!!” no answer.

She tossed and turned, searching for something, anything. Then she saw something near her hand. A small glint of light. She reached out and found the hard, sharp surface of glass. The edge sliced her finger.

She winced; she felt the pain and embraced it.

I like the pain, it reminds me that at least I can still feel something.

At the time she hadn’t really understood what he meant, but now she did. There is only one thing worse than agony, and that is feeling nothing. She reached out and took the glass.

Liked it
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