A novela I wrote, not much to day about it really.
Well… Enjoy.

She pulled out of the embrace too soon and stood up. She started trudging towards the wreckage. Glass littered the sand, it cut her feet; it hurt. But she embraced the pain.

For Lucas…

That was her motive, it was no longer for her; it was for him. Because he had asked her to. She reached the debris and crawled inside the plane. The smell hit her like a brick wall. It was putrid. She leaned forward clutching her stomach as vomit came up her throat, pouring out of her mouth.

She pulled herself together and started walking forward. There were hundreds of corpses, all mutilated. Destroyed. She found herself wondering if they all ended up on the beach like her, Lucas and Sean. She wondered how many of them would escape. She reached the front of the plane, just near the toilets which had been overturned, leaving waste everywhere. Somehow she knew, she couldn’t explain why but she knew that the key wouldn’t be just anywhere, it would be inside one of the carcasses. She felt as though a great invisible hand was guiding her.

She knelt down in front of the first one; Row A – Seat 1. There was waste everywhere, on the person and underneath her feet. It was disgusting.

She bowed her head and took hold of the cross hanging around her shoulders. “Lord, I’m sorry for all my mistakes, all of the sins I’ve commit. I’m here to right my wrongs and redeem myself, in saving Lucas I prey you will forgive me. Amen”

She looked down at the bloody body, it was an elderly lady with white curly hair, wearing a pink blouse and skirt. Her green eyes were still open and staring. Gently Kisara closed them.

“Please forgive me for this,” she said quietly to the old lady. 

Then she ripped off the cardigan and started clawing at her skin with her nails, trying to break it open. It took a long time but eventually the skin ripped open and stale blood slowly oozed out. Kisara pushed past her disgust and the bile rising up out her the throat. She kept clawing at the lady until she had a clear view.

Steadily she reached inside the woman and searched. It burnt, as though she was plunging her hand into a bucket of acid. It burned like fire and ice merged together in one slimy black liquid. Clutching her eyes shut she pushed her arm in further. If the key was going to be anywhere it would be in the heart. She pushed further until she was clutching the woman’s still heart, then she pulled. She jerked the heart out of it socket. Nothing. The key wasn’t there.

Liked it
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