A novela I wrote, not much to day about it really.
Well… Enjoy.

          She turned from the sign and walked briskly to the white door. Up close she saw that carved in the wood were swirling patterns that reminded her of the wind. She grasped the gold handle and tried to turn it, but it wouldn’t budge. She pushed harder.

          She knocked ferociously at the door. No answer. She knocked again. “Hello? Is anybody there? Hello?!!”

There was no response.

          She cursed softly under her breath. It was locked tight, she needed a key. She glanced down at the key hole and felt her heart sink. How would she get hold of a key?! She didn’t know why but she knew that she needed to get into this lighthouse!

          She cursed again in a very un-lady like manner and lent against the cold wood of the door. She felt the temperature drop a few degrees and shivered. She turned her eyes out to the ocean hoping, praying that she would see some kind of life.

          And then she saw something; a shadow of a great ship emerging out of the fog. Her heart leapt and she sprinted down the hill back towards the beach. All thoughts of the gold poem fled her mind; a boat meant people and people were her way off the accursed beach. She got down to the beach and her feet instantly sank into the cold sand.

The boat stopped moving and an anchor fell from the side landing in the murky water with a splash. Kisara could make out a few more details now; it was built like an old pirate ship with masts and sails of expensive black velvet. A small row boat was lowered into the water. Kisara could make out a few indistinct figures inside but she didn’t recognise any of them. The boat started moving towards the shore, it was moving fast, faster that she had ever seen a boat move.

“Hey! Over here!!” she called to them, waving her arms in the air. One of the figures on the boat turned to her and waved his arm to show that he had heard her. A huge smile broke over Kisara’s face, people were coming. She was saved.

Liked it
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