A novela I wrote, not much to day about it really.
Well… Enjoy.

“Damn it.”

She moved across, through the stale blood and rotting air to Row A – Seat 2 and began the whole process again. She prayed, apologised, and then began clawing at the rotting flesh of the victim. She reached inside; it burned. She pulled out the heart; nothing.

She moved on to the next, then the next. And the next and the next and the next. Nothing. Time ticked by and the huge orb of the moon passed across the sky.

Kisara mangled body after body with no success. Finally, when the moon was on the far horizon and dawn was nearing, she reached the right side of the last row. And slumped there in the blue seats was Sean, Lucas and herself. She cringed. Kneeling before Sean’s corpse she gently undid his shirt. His dark chest was cold and hard.

“Lord, I’m sorry for all my mistakes, all of the sins I’ve commit. I’m here to right my wrongs and redeem myself, in saving Lucas I prey you will forgive me. Amen” she recited, the small speech built into her memory. “I’m sorry, Sean, I hope you’re finally at peace.”

Biting back tears of frustration and terror she plunged her broken nails into his stiff flesh, ripping through it. It was rough like leather but broke apart easily in her hands, getting caught under nails.

She tore through it fiercely and quickly. His burgundy, slimy blood coated her arms up to the elbow; flaming. It was like acid, the worst agony she could image. Clenching her jaw and clutching her eyes tight, trying to ignore the pain she thrust her arm deeper inside and wrenched his heart free.

Nothing. The key wasn’t there.

She cursed softly to herself.

Moving slowly, her fists clenching and unclenching she moved towards her mangled body. A small laugh escaped her lips. Her hair was everywhere, half covering her face. Her mouth was half open and she was slumped down with her head back in her chair. Attractive.

This was it.          

The great cosmic hand was guiding her again; this was where the key would be. It was time. Her hand was shaking as she reached forward and pulled the soft material of her doppelgangers dress down. She swallowed hard, building up her courage. Her hand instinctively went to the now bloody cross around her neck.

Liked it
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