A novela I wrote, not much to day about it really.
Well… Enjoy.

The image was gone and Kisara was hanging off the railings of the rickety ladder again. But those words, they were something special. As was the boy who had given them to her. She was filled with new strength and determination. She no longer felt weakness. She climbed the ladder with ease, reaching the deck of the ship with a brave face. But what she saw fill her with dread and terror like none she known before.

The ship was no ordinary boat; it was a ghost ship.

The velvet sails were moth eaten and faded and the wood that made up the planks in which she stood were rotten and broken. The masts were cracking. The helm was broken in places and the rope holding it together was frayed and ridden with small sea shells. It smelt of death and decay, like rotting meat. She was at a loss for how she hadn’t noticed before; how she had fallen into this trap.

The temperature dropped so low that Kisara could see her breath in front of her face.

She looked at the crew; they were as broken and distraught at their run down ship. The pain and sorrow in their eyes was unmatched by anything she had yet come across. Those men were dead, inside and out.

Death haunted the ship like a curse.

Sean stood before her. The crew crowed around her in a semi circle, some looked keen. But most simply looked as though they couldn’t care less.

Kisara stood, wet and cold, on the decaying deck of the ship, wondering what to do next.

“Are you going to give us the key?” Sean asked her suddenly, in a deadly quiet voice.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about. What key?!” Kisara exclaimed, her voice shaking.

“The key to the lighthouse!!!” Sean thundered. Kisara recognised that voice, it was the voice he used when her was about to snap. She needed to take control of the situation.

“Sean? This isn’t you, why are you doing this? What happened to you?!” she demanded, her temper rising. “When did you start to hate everything so much?!”

A flash of recognition swam in Sean’s eyes, but it was gone so fast that Kisara thought she might have imagined it. “Sean is gone, he failed the test. He found no redemption. Now I am all that is left of him. Now, give me the key!!” Sean bellowed.

Liked it
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