A novela I wrote, not much to day about it really.
Well… Enjoy.


“What did you say?” Sean asked, genuinely taken aback.

“You’re a monster, you’re not my brother. I won’t help you! I wouldn’t even if I had what you’re looking for,” Kisara said evenly. She would stand up to the monster of despair and pain that had enslaved Sean, even if it cost her everything she had. Which, she thought, it probably would.

Sean started laughing. He threw up his head and let out an evil, powerful cackle. He turned to her, his eyes practically glowing. “You’re right of course, I am a monster. But so are you! And everyone else! We’re all the same! Sinners! Unworthy of the life we’ve been given! You think you can escape? No one escapes! We’re all doomed, every last one of us!”

He lunged forward and grabbed Kisara by the hair, pressing his lips onto hers violently; smothering her. “Lust!”

He pulled away from her for a moment. “Greed!” he ran his hand down her waist. “Gluttony!” he kissed her again. “Sloth!” he tugged on her hair. “Envy!” his hand caressed her neck, chocking her. “Pride!” he cackled, throwing his head back.

“Wrath!” he slapped her across the face, throwing her to the ground at the same time. He stood over her, shaking with fury but laughing hysterically at the same time. Kisara started at him, in shock and in terror.

“The seven deadly sins. Which is yours, Kisara? Pride? Lust? Greed? Or perhaps all three,” he muttered to her in between chocking laughter.

Kisara couldn’t stop looking into his eyes; they were so full of hatred. It was sickening. She stood up, determined not to kneel before him. “You’re discussing! You’re not even a person; you’re less than that.”

“You are no more than I am and you will give me the key before the end!” he said. Turning his attention away from her he singled to two men of the crew who immediately rushed forward to do his bidding. They each grabbed one of her arms and started dragging her to the middle of the deck.

A third pirate opened a trap door on the floor and held it open. The other two pushed her in and she stumbled down the stairs into a dark room. The trap door thudded closed behind her with a deafening slam leaving Kisara in darkness.

Liked it
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