Friends can really be loyal.

You, ever so faithful as you make your home among the blood stained articles strewn across the hardwood floor
Burns of cigarettes and bruised fragments of dignity make the first act in what is sure to be a spectacle for all the world to see
In the dining room, the cage lay empty and inviting having purged it’s memory of belated promises to end one’s suffering
To remember the harvest, first-the fingers, the hands, wrists, and lips
Tongue, teeth, hair, skin….skin
With perfect manipulation, my party gown is complete!
and now, the feast…All who have waited for me to emerge in full exotic regalia sure to be stunned and pierced with pleasure
As eyes are directed toward the rare beauty
A new and more desirable
One whose fear has succumbed to the helpless form
Nervous twitch, deep groaning, breathing last breaths of life, speaking inaudible last wishes to those who will never hear them
Oh yes, look upon it with admiration, amazement, enchantment, and reverence
For this day, I am reborn, a new womb have I torn through
And those who lay beside me will never go astray

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