It just might happen one day.

Within a radius of perhaps thirty miles or so, some people began to receive an envelope left in their door with a flyer inside which was folded and held four tickets to attend a circus for free. The name of the circus was “The Magic Circus”. There was a statement on the flyer which described the various things that the families would enjoy at the circus. Jugglers, trapeze artists, lions and bears along with monkeys and clowns, and said if they needed anymore tickets, please call this number and the tickets would be mailed to them.

Some of the families needed more tickets and their requests were filled. Most of the parents in the families wondered why the tickets were free or what the catch was. But some thought that it was a promotion of some kind or that the refreshments would be very expensive, But they brushed it aside as there were not many opportunities to see a real circus in their neck of the woods.

The plan was for the majority of the families to make the trip to where the circus was going to take place. One of the reasons other that they thought they would enjoy ther entertainment was that the families each had a child who had some kind of breathing disorder such as asthma and they felt as long as the child had his medicine with him or her they too would enjoy the circus. Other children who were invited had learning disabilities or were afflicted with autism, some were apparently normal children invited to fill up the seats, they just got lucky. None of these families knew these things about any of the other invited families until later.

The day of the circus came, the weather was nice, no rain was called for, the drive to the location was a pleasant one for all those eager to get to the big tent. Once there they all parked in the designated parking spaces and treked to the entrance of the tent. At the entrance each of the children were offered their choice of a bag of peanuts or a cotton candy treat by two clowns with big smiles painted on their faces. Pink cotton candy for the girls and blue for the boys. The children were happy campers, for the majority of them this was their first circus and they were thrilled.

Liked it
  • crisdiwata on Jan 14, 2011

    I really liked it. A very enjoyable read. Good for young readers. I hope it’ll happen someday. Who knows? :)

  • fagina on Jan 14, 2011

    Yeah…agree with crisdiwata..

  • quiet voice on Jan 14, 2011

    Hi crisdiwata and fagina, thanks so much for your nice comments. Take care.

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