This missionary shifts to a dimension where the people are too religious.

He laid the book aside and pulled out another Bible.  He turned to another scripture.

“This is from the book of David.  It says all who love God will be happy to do good and will go to be with him when they sleep in the Lord.  Evidently the writer of the book tried to make it sound like a verse in one of the Psalms.   Let me read a little further.

“I will do what God is happy withand be called one of his.  If he deems me fit to enter his kingdom, he will receive me withjoy and forever I will be with him.  All wrong will be forgiven as long as I am a servantof God and not a deceiver.  I have no idea what this all means.  It sounds like all I have to do to go to Heaven is to do more good than bad.  But what if I spent all my life doing what I thought pleased God and found out on my deathbed that I had done 112,643 good deeds and 112,644 bad deeds.  Because I committed one more bad thing than good thing I would not be able to be with God. 

“In my Bible it says that it’s not deeds of righteousness that redeems people.  It’s only through the shed blood of Christ on the cross of Calvary and repentence of sin that saves us and gives us eternal life plus a home in Heaven.  It’s not what we do that merits salvation.  It’s what Christ did on the cross by forgiving us of our sins and our acceptance of him as our Savior that saves us.  Nothing else.  Our righteousness is as filthy rags in God’s sight.  Would you offer your friend the rag you cleaned the utters of your milk cows with to wipe his face upon?”

Kirv pulled another Bible out and read a few verses. 

“This is from the epistle to the Athenians that according to this Bible the Apostle Paul wrote.  In Athenians 19:1 through 4 it says, Beware of those who would have you go back to the practices of the pagans who worship the created and not the Creator.  For their ways are a snare to entrap you and place you in bondage to the old ways.  For if you are faithful to the one who has redeemed you from sin, he will be pleased when he comes at his appearing in the clouds.  This sounds nice and is true.  But I know for a fact that Paul did not write a letter specifically to Christians in Athens.  Maybe the writer wanted Paul to write such a book.  But it’s not in my Bible.

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