This missionary shifts to a dimension where the people are too religious.

“I’m not trying to condemn all who don’t go to the MacreeBaptist Temple as Hellbound sinners.  The Holy Spirit can work in the hearts of any unbeliever to deliver their souls from eternal damnation.  Somehow even in churches that teach falsehoods there is enough truth taught to help them realized they need to be saved.  I just have to believe that. 

“I want everyone here to become a true believer in Christ.  I believe I have the Bible that is soulythe Word of God.  No one tampered with it.  No one added books that sound like they should belong in it.  How people can accept human sacrifice is beyond me.  Even Abraham wasn’t allowed to sacrifice his son Isaac on the altar.  An angel stopped him before he could plunge the knife into his heart.  Why people would willingly give up their lives thinking they will be ushered directly into Heaven sounds insane. 

“God wants us to be a living sacrifice for him; not a dead one.  The deeds of our flesh should be killed, but not the flesh itself.  That is what I teach in my church.  God loves all people.  But only those who truly love him and do what he wants them to do can call themselves children of God and can expect an eternal home in Heaven.  That is what I teach in my church.  If you want to call that heresy, go ahead. 

“Where I come from, there are still instances that people a certain church calls heretics are tried and executed.  Less than 300 years ago, thousands of people who believed as I do were slaughtered with the sanction of that church and its leader the Pope.  What you have been trying to do to me and my people is similar to what that false church has been trying to do for centuries.  It wants to eliminate those that don’t fall in line with its teachings.  God hates that in my world and hates that in this one. 

“I want to see bravery out there.  How many of you believe I should continue to preach the messages I believe God has laid upon my heart and not be attacked by those who have a different Bible?  Stand to show your support.”

A few hundred stood immediately.  After a few minutes, most of the citizens of Macree were standing in support of Kirv.  They also applauded him and said hearty amens. 

As Kirv was walking off of the stage, the man who had led the army against him stood and fired at him.  But the slugs vaporized on the force field.  He was wrestled to the ground by three men and the pistol was grabbed out of his hand.  Kirv acted as if nothing had happened which brought gasps of amazement and more amens and thunderous applause. 

Kirv’s church grew and required him and the men in his church to build a new church in Mordan’sRavine which could hold 4000 people.  After he was rejuvenated he went on to build the largest church in the region which could hold over 10,000 people.  He is still there with Rona, his five cyborg children, 15 grandchildren, 40 great-grandchildren, and 67 great-great-grandchildren.   And not since the time in the amphitheater has anyone tried to cleanse him.          


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