This missionary shifts to a dimension where the people are too religious.

“Maybe not where you come from.  But in some areas, human sacrifice is the ultimate demonstration of devotion to God.  I don’t think I’ll ever be worthy of being sacrificed for God.  That’s because I deal with people of the world too much and am married.  But if I were a young man and had my life to live over, I would try to live a holy life so that someday I could be sacrificed and go directly to Heaven.”

Kirv shuttered to think what other denominations believed if dying on an altar like a sacrificial lamb was acceptable to many who claimed to be Christians. 

“Should I advertise the meetings so that people will know?”

“Don’t need to do that unless you want to.  Just go to the churches and announce you are a new pastor in town and that you’re having meetings at the former Brantinite Meeting House.  Go up to the front when you arrive and interrupt the services if you need to tell the people about the meetings and where they are being held.  When you hear the congregation say amen, you should leave and go to the next church.  There are 97 of them in the city and they’re usually full of people.  So go to the biggest churches first if you want a lot of people to come out.  If you go into too many churches you may not have enough room for them in the meeting house and even the yard around the building.”

“Maybe I could preach in an open field,” Kirv suggested.  “There’s no rule that says you have to preach in a building to spread the Gospel.”

“No there’s not.  I guess you could always use Mordan’s Ravine.  It’s just west of town and is the perfect place for a pastor to preach to thousands of people in the same way Jesus preached to thousands in the Bible.   Too bad you can’t feed thousands like he did.  Then again, if you could do that or heal the sick of all diseases you would need to meet out there all the time because who wants to listen to a pastor who can only preach when another one can provide a free meal and medical help?”

Kirv thought about that because a food and beverage replicator could provide the food and Rona could treat the sick.  But he didn’t think he would need to do those things to gather a congregation to meet in the church.

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