This missionary shifts to a dimension where the people are too religious.

The next night there were other people who came to attend the meeting.  They responded like the people from the night before.  Scores more came forward to be saved or surrender their lives to God.  It was the same way from Wednesday to Saturday. 

On Sunday morning, over 300 people jammed into the church for Sunday school and morning service.  Rona taught the children and Kirv taught the adults and teens.  Since they had attended the week of meetings, most of them were saved at that time or had dedicated themselves to living closer to God.  There was joy and a celebration of life as a true Christian in the building.  But when they wanted to give an offering, Kirv told them he didn’t need the money.  He had plenty.  That shocked the people because they were so used to pastors asking for money or else they would be condemned by God for not being generous. 

For the next few weeks, the Macree Baptist Temple was the fastest growing church in the area.  Kirvhad to go to double services and then afternoon services with a free lunch served between the morning and afternoon services in the new fellowship hall Kirv and a couple dozen men of the church built behind the building.  There was even a balcony built in the church so that instead of holding a little over 300 in the auditorium, an extra 150 could sit in the balcony that surrounded the auditorium on the back and side walls.  The ceiling was just high enough to allow the people in the balcony to not need to duck their heads. 

It looked like the church was going to do a mighty work in the community of 40,000 people.  Kirv’s sermons were printed in the local religious newspaper which featured the sermons of the other 97 pastors throughout the week.  The newspaper was thick like the “New York Times” newspaper during the 20th century.  With sermons usually taking up three to seven pages, the “Daily Christian Messenger” was usually over 200 pages long Monday through Saturday. 

Kirv and Rona read the paper everyday to see what type of messages the other pastors preached.  To save time, Kirv scanned the newspapers into the EPU computer and experienced them as if he were sitting in the services in which the messages were delivered.  After about eight hours of preaching which in real time took only a few minutes, Kirvwould take a short break and then experience another several hours of preaching.  By the time he went through the newspaper, it was time for lunch.  He spent the afternoon studying his Bible and preparing lessons and messages for Sunday and Wednesday midweek services.  He also visited with people as he had done before he had the week of meetings in the ravine. 

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