This missionary shifts to a dimension where the people are too religious.

The next night was Wednesday.  But Kirvdidn’t cancel the midweek service.  About 110 people showed up and gathered in the church for preaching and prayer.  Rona was in the steeple witha rifle watching for riders.  When she spotted what looked like a small army riding toward the church armed with pistols, rifles, and even two small cannons, she sent a telepathic message to Kirvthat the enemy was approaching with artillery.  Kirv stopped the service and told the people to start praying for deliverance. 

Kirv walked out of the church and faced his attackers.  The two cannons were set up about 100 yards away.  They would have been able to smash the wooden church if it weren’t protected by a force field.  But the men would find that out soon enough. 

The leader of the army rode onto the cement and stopped about 50 feet from the entrance of the church.  He kept his sack over his head.  But his voice sounded familiar.  When Kirv read his mind, he discovered that the man was one of the pastors that advocated cleansing. 

“I told you to be gone by now.  Not only are you a fool, it appears you’re a deaf one too.”

“I heard you loud and clear, Pastor Theacol.”

The shocked man yanked off his sack and asked, “How did you know it was me?”

“I can perceive the thoughts of people just like Jesus can.”

“But you’re not Jesus.  You’re just a man who needs to either leave this city or be cleansed.”

“Maybe you should be cleansed for teaching heresies that are found nowhere in the Bible.”

“You’ve heard enough, men.  Let her rip.”

The cannons were fired at the church.  But the explosive shells blew up about a meter away from the structure.  Moments later, the shooting started.  Rona up in the steeple nailed five of the men in the first minute while Kirv took care of six.  The attackers scattered so they wouldn’t be bunched together making them better targets. 

The attackers were more than frustrated because even if they shot at Kirv rounds that should have killed him instantly, his personal force field vaporized the slugs.  After a few minutes, the shooting was over and the remaining attackers had fled with the two artillery pieces that were as useless as water pistol against house fires. 

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