This missionary shifts to a dimension where the people are too religious.

From Wednesday night to early Sunday morning, Kirv was busy installing force fields around houses of the people who attended his church and wired them for electricity.  He also installed small reactors that were replicated which required him to purchase nuclear fuel since replicated fuel didn’t power systems as well as original fuel tubes and bundles.  For their personal protection, Kirv gave everyone personal force field units and sometimes multi-mode pistols and rifles to protect themselves better and defend their property.  

Kirv was exhausted by Sunday morning.  But he was relieved that many in his congregation were protected from harm.   He was deeply disappointed that a city he thought was experiencing a Christian revival was actually experiencing a religious war.  The people had false smiles and their friendly attitudes masked their true feelings as was the case for those that belonged to churches that believed in cleansing. 

It all came to a head when three of the churches that believed in cleansing demanded that Kirv appear in the city park in the amphitheater where all the people of the city could assemble.  It was generally used for theatrical performances and citywide religious meetings of the various churches.  No single pastor could use it so that the city didn’t show favoritism toward individuals. 

The three pastors of the churches accused Kirv of being a reprobate, a degenerate, a servent of Satan, and even Satan come in the flesh.  He was teaching, according to their understanding, heresies and had to be punished.  He wasn’t allowed to enter the stage armed.  But he did have his force field on just in case someone took a shot at him. 

When Kirv stepped up to the podium he had his Bible and the Bibles of various churches in a sack he slung over his back.  He plopped them down beside the podium. 

“Do you know what is in the sack?  Bibles.  There are 23 different Bibles in there counting mine.  I have each of them marked in certain locations.  Let me give you some examples of what they say.”

Kirv reached into the sack and pulled out one of the Bibles and opened it to a certain page. 

“This is Michael 17:7.  It reads…..Oh, that’s right.  Not all Bibles have the book of Michael.  I’ll go ahead and read it anyways.  The Lord will strike down all who violate his teachings and cleanse the land of their heresies. It’s not found in my Bible because it was added by a group that believes all who stray from their denomination must either return or be cleansed.  And a person like me should be cleansed too to prevent people from being taught heresies.”

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