This missionary shits to a dimension where certain people are considered non-entities.

Menell Fossgren hated how the world treated certain people.  The Jews had just survived the Holocaust and blacks were being treated like second-class citizens in America.  When he left the seminary in 1947 he decided to shift to a dimension where an entire race of people was considered a race of non-entities.  They didn’t look much different that the other people they lived among.  There were three differences that set them apart from everyone else.  Their eyes were 50% larger than normal eyes, their black hair was more like short fur on their heads, and they were as mild-mannered as sheep. 

Menell shifted to the dimension with the standard equipment and a female biosyn that he called Surah.  They arrived in the city of Palhassen in a car and panel van and headed for a real estate agency to purchase a home and see if a church building was available.   They met with an eager young man who was a bit heavy.  But with the number of plaques on the wall of his office, the couple could see he was successful.   Menell and Surah sat in chairs in front of the man’s desk as he looked at his computer screen and clicked away on the keyboard.   

“Welcome, folks.  I’m so glad you two came in today.  I bet you’re just starting out.  You graduated from college and want a starter home in a nice neighborhood.  I’ve got a bunch of them that may be what you’re looking for,” he said before he swiveled the screen around to show them to the couple. 

“They look nice,” said Surah.  “What are the prices?”

“Between 85 and 120,000.  But I could knock off a little if you make a reasonable offer.  Which one interests you two the most?”

“Do you have any in a Furban neighborhood?” Menell asked. 

“The second one on the top is near a good school, a little shopping center, and a park.  If you’re going to have kids someday, the house would be perfect for a little family.  It’s going for 105,” he said, oblivious of what he had just said. 

“We want to live in a Furban neighborhood.  Do you have anything located there?” he asked. 

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