It is the morning of the presentation, and Nissa is not ready to face the day.

Nissa hardly got any sleep that night. She kept trying to think of ways to get out of having to go back to the institution. She knew that she couldn’t seriously open her own business in that amount of time, but if she could at least come up with some type of reason to leave the institution, that would be enough. But what? Most of the other teachers that had left the institution had all opened their own businesses. Surely, if she did not follow suit, it would seem as though she had failed. 

The only idea she had was that she could be a private tutor. Rather than seeing all of her students at the institution, she could work with them in a place like Morris High School, where her mother already worked in the attendance office. The problem was, if she did this, everyone would find out about it. Rumors would spread everywhere and she would probably get fired from the institution. Even if she quit the institution to do this, none of the students would come to meet her because it would be breaking the rules of the institution. It seemed to be a hopeless case.

By the time she fell asleep, it was just one hour away from the time that she would have to wake up. Therefore, she just took her suitcase, walked out of the hotel room, and fell asleep in the chair of the hotel lobby. 

She was in a good sleep, when suddenly, she started hearing footsteps and voices. She looked up to find that Kimbra and her daughter Dina were walking toward the hotel lobby. She immediately sat up, trying not to look as though she had been sleeping. Kimbra said, “Well hello, Nissa. Fancy seeing you here! How did it go last night?” She almost made it sound as if Nissa had been doing something that she told no one about. Nissa said, “Oh no, I just went straight to bed. I was very tired.” Kimbra said, “Sure. Funny stuff.” And then she walked over to the desk. This was merely the beginning of the end.

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