Nissa has to go to the institution after having already gone through the presentations.

Nissa was very tired because she did not get much sleep the night before, however, she had to continue on. She had to go to the institution. Nissa never had a day off. It was so discouraging.

As Nissa walked downstairs, she saw her mother standing by the kitchen counter top. She did not seem to be in a very good mood. She said, “Nissa, we have to talk.” Nissa knew that this had to do with what happened last night.” She just stood there quietly and did not say anything. Her mother said, “There is a difference between work and your personal relationships. By hanging out with Fred instead of doing your job, your putting yourself in danger. Also, he is a bad influence for you. He has no ambitions and he will not help you to achieve your goals. Now, if you want advice on how to improve yourself, I can do that. But I can’t help you if you are going to continue to see Fred.” Nissa was both tired and frustrated. This was the last thing that she wanted to hear. She said, “Mom, I’m fine.” Her mother said, “Well, if you were fine you wouldn’t be skipping out on your students in order to see your boyfriend.” Nissa was so frustrated at this point. She said, “Mom, let me do my thing. Stop trying to get caught up in what I do.” Her mother said, “Oh, so this is how it is going to be.” Nissa just gave her a blank look and left the house.

Nissa’s mother continued to stand at the counter top as she watched Nissa leave the house. She did not want Nissa to know this, but she was very worried about her. She did not want what happened before to happen again.

When Nissa left the house, she just felt as if everyone was against her. She had no idea what to think anymore. Her idea about moving away started to look more and more pleasing. It was almost as if now she did not even have a choice.

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