A Mythical story about a hunter of legendary beast.

It is thirty days now into the rigorous trek, and the legendary beast has been slain. Oh, I should start at the beginning. On the night of Agustaust 11th, 1214 E. the High King of Edenvast, King Sirus, set a bounty on the head of Rosen’Tul the legendary beast of old. Rosen’Tul has many names: Magnae Mortis, Black Night, and Destroyer of Lands. Rosen’Tul was something I have been hunting for many years. I have traveled a great distance to hear the stories of the few who have encounter Rosen’Tul and survived. Most of the survivors were members of the Royal Guard of the High King, and I am honored to be in their presence.

            The old knights taught me many techniques on defending myself from Magnae Mortis, and the oldest General gave me Bulwark of Forsaken Deterrence. I thought The Bulwark was just a myth, but this legendary shield is now in my possession. I thanked the old General with much gratitude and was on my way. As I was almost out of the General’s door, a sword went hissing pass my hand then into the door. The old man said, “It needs to be sharpened, but it will do.” I expressed my appreciation for the gifts and was finally on my way.

            I traveled for ten days in search for clues to where The Destroyer of Lands may have been. At the break of dawn on the fifteenth morning I arrived in the small desecrated town of Desmo, everything was destroyed or in flames. After a short time, I found an old man under some rubble. He was petrified and frozen in fear; I finally snapped him out of it and asked him what happened. He told me that the Great Black Demon came and demolished everything and headed west. I thanked the old man and gave him some food, and journeyed west.

            I have been tracking Rosen’Tul west for five days now; the beast leaves no trail for the oblivious to follow. Finally I found him! What should I do? That question has been racing in mind since the beginning of this epic quest. I decided to wait and study the beast before I tried to take it on. No flaws can I observe in the thick deep black scales on the dragons back. Courage, I need courage to take on this Demon of Skies.

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