By the way, every time I felt more warmth, and indeed that state of my blood would not influence the tone and turn of the unforgettable scene that followed. My voice was short and dry, and soon met who had been nervous Diego.
Diego, meanwhile, was for some days worse than ever of the black bile. The green on his face and the fire of his eyes were scary … It seemed (and you disguise the image) dead with fever.
Lazarus was quiet.
After coffee was served and we were alone, I said to them with the utmost solemnity:
-You are going to know what I have called. Prepare to decide my life, my finances and my name, as well as father’s posthumous fame evil hour that gave me being.
And then he referred everything you already know: my childhood in the country house, the slanderous story of the death of the Earl of Umbria, as my poor mother had believed was true and me in his last moments and the true story of the same as just trance revelármela Williams, and the third story that needed to pretend, in the opinion of former cop, to rehabilitate the name of my father regarding the country, without bringing up the bloody drama of their love Dona Beatriz de Haro …
– There you have the whole truth and all lies! I concluded by saying. Reflect you now, weigh the pros and cons of following the plan Williams, see if you think of another better way to vindicate my father, to regain my title to nobility and to come into possession of great wealth, and in latter case, be understood that to me on the heart for all, just to die defending my crown Earl of Umbria, to remain in the eyes of the world the mysterious character named Ferdinand Konti.

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