Short stories.

We got home and there was talk of different things. My master, who was always accommodating to his wife, it was that day more than ever. Doña Francisca did not say anything, even if insignificant, but he held with laughter inappropriate. So I think that gave some trifles, showing in all his actions a desire to keep her happy, no doubt for this very informal pleased my mistress was fractious and grumpy that I had never seen. It was not possible transaction honorable. Not to know what trivial reason, quarreled with Marcial, notifying the immediate departure of the house also said terrible things to her husband, and during the meal, but it held all the dishes with unusual heat, the relentless lady did not stop growling.

Arrival time to pray the rosary, solemn ceremony in the dining room checked with the assistance of everyone in the house, my master, who sometimes used to sleep, murmuring lazily Pater-noster, which led to his reprimand, was that very wide awake night and prayed real hard, making her voice heard among all the others.

Another thing happened to me has been very present. The walls of the house hallábanse decorated with two classes of objects: maps and pictures of saints, the heavenly court on the one hand, and all paths of Europe and America on the other. After lunch, my master was in the gallery looking at a chart, and ran his finger wavering lines, when Dona Francisca, that something was suspicious of the project of escape, and also put the outcry surprised if your husband in the act of sailing excitement came from behind, and opening his arms exclaimed:

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