The very first I have ever written.

Am I the only one that sits sometimes and thinks about what happened as I was growing up? I’m not really sure if that is a question that requires an answer. Ten years ago I was celebrating my high school graduation, now I am finally back in college. It all seems to be so much different than it was back then. It’s not really the schooling that is harder it’s more of the things we take for granted. Its harder to get up in the morning, there are more things on my mind, and life just is not the same.

It really all started when I was just in 6th grade. The first girl I really wanted I asked out, she shot me down big time. I thought at the time it was the worst thing to ever happen to me, come to find out it was the best. After being told “No” by that girl, I really didn’t want to have anything to do with girls for a while. Can you blame me? I was just a little kid that had a broken heart. Then along came this 7th grade girl that thought I was cute. I fought it believe me I fought it with all I had, but in the end she won and we started to date. We did the note thing every day and it always seemed like we were on the verge of a fight. We broke up about 25 times during that year and a half period of time. This was a pretty low number considering all the “near miss break ups” we had, you know the ones about you looking at another girl and someone told your girlfriend and vice versa. Wow, those were some intense times. I remember one time in that relationship she broke up with me because her sister wanted to date me and she didn’t think it was right for her to get in the way of her sisters happiness.

That was crazy, if that were to happen now, I would have that girl put in a mental ward. Then there was all the pressure of the first kiss. That only took us about three months after we broke up the last time for it to happen. Yea, that’s right, I waited till we weren’t together to kiss her, and it all happened because of a little squirrel. I know what you’re thinking and you’re wrong. I saw a squirrel run in to some bushes and I wanted to show this girl where it was. Seems innocent enough, forget about the part that we were having an intense talk about what really went wrong with our relationship, and I had just given her three cards that had “mush” written all over them. Anyway I had her follow me, to go and see the squirrel, when it wouldn’t come out, I got frustrated and turned around and kissed her. Yep, right there, next to a bush, in front of the junior high. Now how romantic is that? Yes, I was a little slow when it came to things like that. I guess you could say more like scared. I didn’t really know what to expect. Then in 8th grade they threw in this stupid tongue thing, called “French Kissing.”

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