The very first I have ever written.

I was appalled by this, kissing with your tongue was ridicules, a non-French person kissed with their lips that was all that was too it. Once again, a little slow on these things. Then I met this other girl. She came from the cities, and she already knew about all of that kissing stuff. Over the next two years she showed me exactly what I didn’t want in a relationship. She would constantly find ways to make me nervous about our relationship. Her friends were also ones that loved to make me feel bad. I don’t really understand that at all, how can you find joy from making someone else feel miserable? Anyway, she would write letters to herself and make it look like some other guy wrote it, and one time she even was pretending she was chewing tobacco because she new I didn’t like it. Just stupid immature things like that. Not that I have a lot of resentment built up, but I just have a hard time understanding the logic. Again, a little slow on things.

I think girls like the “bad boy” image. It seems to me that most of those guys just like to feel like they are mean, nasty, or rude when in all reality they are even afraid to talk back to their parents. Of course I was one of the bad boys. You know the one’s your parents warned you about. Yeah right. I wore the heavy metal tee shirts with the names of bands I never really listened to; I had torn up jeans, and a black leather coat. I tried to grow my hair out, but I have really thick hair, so what I got was just a big Afro. But I was cool, and all the girls wanted to date me, or so I thought. I found out that there are some bad parts that go along with this bad boy image. All the good girls really didn’t want to have anything to do with my crowd, and of course the one girl that I really wanted to be with was one of those girls. I remember one situation when the girl thought all I wanted was sex, there for she didn’t want to date me. That was really when all of it started to change. For that day I had had enough of that image and decided to make people thing I had changed.

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