The very first I have ever written.

That lasted about ten minutes before someone got in my face and wanted to fight. There were a lot of perks that went with the image. When you walked through the hall, everyone gave you room to walk, out of fear for his or her life I think more then anything. But, after Junior high most of the attitude went away. When I left the junior high I was the big guy on campus, as I entered the High school I realized that didn’t mean squat. Now 99% of the guys and girls were taller and built better then me. I did share a few tense moments with some of the sophomores that thought it was there place to pick on the freshman. This is the cool part, as I was entering High school, my brother “the living legend” was leaving. He was the most feared person in the school, nobody, not even the teachers messed with him. As soon as the seniors found out who I was, they took care of the people that picked on me, or the sophomores were out of school for a short period of time due to minor injuries suffered at the hands of the upper class men.

The good old days!

Looking back on all of it, it seems so trivial. Most of the loves I had I haven’t talked to since graduation, and probably have no interest in talking to me. I don’t really miss them much because since then I have met so many interesting people that have helped shape the person I have become. I am not that same as I was back then. I can’t really say that I have grown up; I think you never really grow up, because if you do, you become that really upset businessman with his undies in a bunch over stock prices and the all mighty dollar. I think money and relationships can sometimes lead to nervous breakdowns, and your thinking “well duh, I could have told you that” but really, think about it. When you have a lot of money as a guy, all you want to do is buy expensive toys and show them off like a fool to all the girls. But when the money is tight, then you just want to hide away and get upset with all those people that have a lot of money, even though two weeks before you were one of those people that you now hate. That’s enough to cause someone to go into a coma. All right so I think too much, but its all-realistic thoughts, I promise.

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