The very first I have ever written.

There was a time in high school when I wanted to do was lift weights. I was on a mission to make myself as buff as possible. Of course this part of the story involves a girl. I was lifting one day when I noticed the girl’s volleyball team coming into the small weight room that had the disgusting odor of sweaty feet. I was in the middle of my bench press routine; we all had a bench press routine that our “weightlifting instructor” had personalized for us, when I noticed these girls were in there. I all of a sudden was the man of steel and started doing more then my routine said I should. This is one of the mistakes I made trying to look good for the girls. After I got out of the emergency room, I realized how stupid this was, oh I failed to mention earlier that I had pulled a muscle in my arm and dislocated my shoulder; I realized that I should have probably stuck to the routine.

Back in early 1992, I found myself the center of what seemed to be all good things. I would look forward to going to school, not so much for the education, but more so because it was just some place I could see all my friends, and my hopeful love. It was all really simple then. I can remember only having to worry about what it was I would wear to school, which person I was going to have lunch with, and all those really pressing issues. Now I find myself in a job that requires me to use little knowledge, so I have much more time to think about things like, what is going on in the world, war, and marriage. You know the other simple things. Now that I reflect, high school was one of the easiest times in my life. I also think that it was one of the most memorable. What I wouldn’t give to be back in those boring class rooms thinking to myself, “what am I going to use this for” and feeling a little stress about weather or not I was going to date this girl I was “in love” with.

Then, as I mentioned earlier, there was a few that I had met after high school. There were actually two that I met the summer after. One that I would love to forget and the other, well let me put it this way, there are still some roads and land marks that remind me of her. Let me tell you first about the one I would love to forget. I am going to leave her name out because if she actually had time to read this, she would hire a hit man to have me killed. The last few days of high school were great. I said goodbye to my friends and I was busy working at a local pizza place. This really kept me busy for the most part, but one night one of my friends brought in her cousin to meet me. As soon as I saw this girl and her big hair and tight pants, it was the early 90’s come on; I was totally hooked on her. I started to do the flirting thing, and they both suggested we sneak out of our houses and meet up somewhere. Well I really didn’t have to because I was eighteen and my parents decided that since I was eighteen we could be out as long as I wanted. So I said “sure, but what for?” they both laughed, again I was a little slow at these things. Anyway, we set a time I think around midnight to meet at some place near the girls’ house. So when I showed up, they were waiting for me. I spent the next few weeks with this girl.

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