The very first I have ever written.

She was a little emotional, but I just thought since all the other girls I have known were mean, the emotional thing was a nice change. Bad idea. She turned out to be a nut. You would think I would have some kind of clue that she would turn out to be this way when she started crying because she stepped in a mud puddle, not just normal, “I had a bad day” crying, and an all out balling fest. After the nutcase girl, I met the most wonderful, caring person I had ever met. She was great, but she lived in a different town about an hour away, imagine the phone bills and how much I spent on gas. This was really good at the beginning. We got along great and talked all the time. I went there as much as I could, but the fact that she didn’t have a car, we had different opinions of what an illegal substance was, unfortunately meant we were together a short time. I can’t believe someone could come in to my life and leave in a matter of weeks, but impact many of my opinions on life so much. To this day I still think of some of the things that were said during our short relationship. Friends of ours said she showed signs of fading after a few days, but I couldn’t see it. Again, a little slow on the subtle hint thing.

Another girl would have to be the one I met after the one I just talked about. She was a little younger then me, but for some reason it seemed she had a much better grasp on life. She was really mature for her age, from what I hear that is not all that uncommon. I, in a way, looked up to her because she was so patient with stupid people, something I have never had patients for. This relationship did last quite a while, almost two years, off and on. I sometimes miss the conversations with her. But then when I really think about it I realized the reason I miss them the most is she made me feel kind of stupid. I know that sounds strange, but think about it. I was a few years older and supposed to be much wiser. Yeah right, we all know that eighteen-year-old men don’t do much thinking and even if we do it tends to be about sex. Those times I really didn’t have to think about anything, she did it all for me. She came up with all the ideas of where to go to eat, what to do that night, and who were really my friends. She taught me to look at people for who they were not what they looked like. We would talk about world issues and stuff like that. We had conversations that the girls my age never would have had.

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