The very first I have ever written.

I never thought a younger girl would be able to teach me so much, and to this day I have never thanked her for that. Oh believe me, I have tried to talk to her since then, but when ever we make plans she always ends up canceling, so after a while I just stopped asking. It’s all right though, she always thought I treated her like a little kid, and I guess this is her way of treating me like one, kind of ironic don’t you think?

My life wasn’t all about girls; it mostly was, but not all of it. I remember when I moved in to my first apartment. The first thing that came to mind was “I can’t wait to throw a party and have all the girls here.” Well the first party came, and so did the girls, along with a whole bunch of guys I didn’t know. In the aftermath of the party, you know the part that sucks, when you have a monster of a headache and your brand new television has a hole in it, and you’re just trying to clean up as best you can, a great and noble thought came to my mind. I thought to myself “this is not like the party’s I have seen before” of course I have always been one of the people that just showed up at a party and not the one hosting it. So after three straight days of repairs and cleaning,

I vowed not to have another party in this apartment, until the weekend came. People just showed up expecting to have the party they had had the weekend before. Well, I wasn’t going to be the bad guy so I let them party again. This time most of them slept there that night. When I woke up in the morning and went to get out of my bed I stepped on someone named John, then on his girlfriend, then on some other guy. Realizing I had no idea who these people was, or if they were responsible adults like I, I promptly asked all of them to leave. After about three hours of asking the thirty or more people to leave, I once again said “I will not have another party in this place again.”

So the weekend came and I hid in my apartment with the door locked and the shades pulled. There was about twenty or so people that knocked at the door, but I just sat there not listening. Then the phone started ringing. You never know how many people want to get a hold of you till you decide not to have a party. That phone rang all night. I hadn’t had anyone call all week then on Friday it started ringing, and on Sunday it stopped. At least I think it did because I turned off the ringer on Friday and remembered on the next Thursday that it was off. So that was the beginning and the end of my party days for the time being.

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