A story filled with intrigues from the common days of life.

During the six months I spent on those beaches, my ordinary contemplation, better say, my usual company was Cordouan. Well understood that his position as guardian of the seas, constant watchman narrow mole that formed a sort of character. Standing on the vast horizon of the West, was offered to my eyes under a hundred different things. Sometimes, in a triumphant glory the sun, at other times pale and hardly visible, floated through the mist heralding sorrows, and to extend their mantle black the night, when suddenly the red light appeared and cast their eyes of fire, inspector seemed jealous guarding the waters, penetrated and restless of their responsibility. No matter what happen at sea, he was always the culprit: illuminating the storm, used to pull a victim of his arms, and yet he was to blame for the fury of the elements. Here’s how it used to dealing with ignorance genius, accusing him of the evils discovered. I confess at this site have treated myself with injustice. If not turn to the usual time, if the weather ensuing, he was accused, rebuked him. “Ah! Cordouan! Cordouan! Can not you bring us, white ghost, more than hurricanes? “

And yet, I think we had him in the October storm, the salvation of our thirty men. The boat fell to pieces, but those who were saved manned.

Great thing to see do it sinks, sink in broad daylight, with knowledge of the site, the circumstances and resources that you can fall back on. “Almighty God! If it is our destiny to perish, they perish, at least by day! “

When the boat pulled from the high seas by the furious waves, night came near the coast, there were a thousand chances to one not to enter Gironde. On the right, the Pointe de Grave light warned her to avoid the Medoc, on the left, the small lighthouse of Saint-Palais showed him the dangerous rock on the side of Grand’Caute Saintonge. Among those fires and fixed targets, highlighted the central obstacle Cordouan reddish clarity that every minute, shows the way.

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