Witches warlocks moving in.

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Chapter 1 moving in

We moved in this house in Foley, Alabama it is a two story house very nice house. We started moving in It took us two full days to move in. We had got comfortable and every thing then the door bell rang I got up and answered the door it was are neighbors welcoming us to the neighbor hood. There names were Katie, and Fred. They were nice people they live across the street from us. There was a vacant house  next to us it was a very spooky house like one of those houses you see in a scary movie. So the days passed weird things started to happen to every thing around us trees started to die nothing would grow even the birds were leaving and dieing by second Katie and Fred. Were getting sick and all we could see is that house next door.I kept on telling my self what is going on here maybe this was a mistake then. I went to sleep then the next morning me and my wife got woke up to a truck backing up. So we looked out the window we see these weird people moving in the weird house as I say it was. We go out to welcome the new neighbors. They seem distant from every body they acted strange towards us as if they did not want to see what they had. So I went to the house and watched them from my window even the nice couple across the way tried to speak to them. But they did not to speak to them either. So then I see them carrying something weird in the house I tell my wife it looks like a body. My wife told me i was just seeing things.S I stop looking at every thing and went down stairs to go eat breakfast before I went on to work for the day. SO later on that day I got a phone call from Ashley my wife she said the people next door were doing some weird things I told here do not worry I will be home in a couple of hours. So I get off work and Fred meet me out front I. Invited him in to a warm cup of coffee. He started to tell me something interesting he did some research on the house he told me in the early in the 1900S it was used for witch craft. So I started to get worried about are next door neighbors I told Fred thanks so he left.I started to do research on are neighbors and the things I found out were weird they had be convicted of doing witch craft and killing 125 people and never served any time for it so I contacted the police and ask them some questions about the people next door to us. They told me they got probation for it so i went to the store and got a shotgun with plenty of ammo. Then I got home and they were a lot of old cars in front of the house next door people getting out of them in black clothing. They were carrying some things that looked like bodys that were rolled up in carpet. So I went and got Fred and told him what was going on then all of a sudden I hear a loud scream like if someone was dieing.

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  • Leslie Ator Saunders on Oct 26, 2009

    Good story and pictures!

  • ceegirl on Oct 26, 2009

    Good story

  • Emma Green on Oct 26, 2009

    Great story

  • cardy on Oct 26, 2009

    Fab story liked it a lot, thanks for the share.

  • Ashley89 on Oct 26, 2009

    You love to throw me in the middle of the trouble don’t you!!! lol

  • Darla Beck on Oct 27, 2009

    Interesting story.

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