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Troy Sanders was known well in a small city just outside of Pittsburgh, known for his works with the youth in and around Pittsburgh who never really had a chance to shine. He spent his life dedicated to giving them a chance nobody else would. He knew if he didn’t help them, nobody else would.

A self made billionaire, who retired early after selling several businesses he had built up form the ground all by himself. He knew the parents he thought would be there for him would never come back to help him after leaving him on the streets to die. He was offered a job at twelve by a local business woman stocking shelves in her grocery stores where he became owner of when she died. This was the only business he ever had that he didn’t start, but he knew some how, how to build it up to where it is now one of Pittsburgh biggest grocery stores. He sold it to the biggest brand store in Pittsburgh before he was twenty two. Earning him a cool fifty million dollars.

Nobody ever knew where he went after he finished working during the day, he was like he never existed during the night. Never home, like a shadow or a ghost, but this his Troy Sanders story, his legacy that helped so many, even if they where deemed by society as sewer rats, when really all all those people who he helps needed is someone to guide them, and show them the love they never had from anyone else.

Troy knew the whole network of the Pittsburgh people, who was associated with who. Who was doing what, and why. He just knew how to get the good out of people. His secret was always a secret until a young woman called Isabelle came into his life. This was to be his down fall, his good works pulled to a halt. Although it wasn’t directly Isabelle fault. Tory fell in love with her, and this was bad news for a man who just wanted to make sure people where safe.

Troy throughout the day ran several youth clubs through out Pittsburgh, and it outskirt towns. All he asked for the people who used them was to get good grades, keep their noses clean, and make sure their families where safe. During the night he was even more of a hero.

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