Part one! More to come.

Troy’s second life during the night made him known as the Phantom Janitor. Cleaning up the streets of all society’s low life who plagued Pittsburgh with drugs,murder,rape, and all the other things which kept the Pittsburgh night from having peace. Nobody ever saw his face, and the police made fifty cops redundant in one year due to Troy. Making him also known the the kiss of death when it came to jobs.

The Phantom Janitor walked through the night like a ninjas ghost. Nobody really seeing him until the last second when they are hauled off unconscious to the local police station to be found tied up, and with a note telling the police what the person in question had done.

Troy was a martial artist, and always had been since Sophie Jamison took him under her wing, and put him to work in her grocery store. He had the best of everything, because Sophie believed in Troy so much that she knew he would put his mind to anything, and everything that entered his life. He trained for hours on end every week o keep his skills up. He also taught martial arts during the day to kids for free to make sure nobody wold be able to bully them. He just seemed like a robot to everyone who had met him, he rarely ever stopped for a break, but his one passion to allow him to relax where movies He just loved movies, and everyone knew it. He had thousands of movies, and he had no end of autographed posters of stars that he loved.

Troy loved to see people smile, to see their hard work pay off, even if it was over something small. It spurred him on to keep doing what he did at night. He killed on occasions, which he didn’t like, nor did he want to have to, but on the rare occasion his life came into a place where the only way he could survive was to kill or be killed.

Troy preyed every day and night that he didn’t have to kill, and allow people the right to have a second chance, but he just sometimes had to take people lives to make sure that everyone else was ables to be helped. To be able to keep on trying to put the people on this Earth on the right track, but not everyone wanted that.

And so starts the story of Troy Sanders. AKA The Phantom Janitor. Part two will be along in the next few days.

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