There was once a boy who wanted a rat as a pet.

There was once a boy who wanted a rat as a pet.  Day and night he kept pestering his father for one.  Finally the father went and caught a huge rat from the drain.  

He brought the rat over to the boy and said,  ”Here, you can have this but you need to give it a bath!  It’s filthy!”

The boy happily took the rat to the bathroom and started pouring some shampoo on the rat.  However, the rat did not get any cleaner.  So the boy continued pouring more shampoo.  Soon he dumped the whole bottle of shampoo on the rat.   

It was only then did the boy realize that he needed to add water.  He started pouring water on the rat.  As he poured, the shampoo transformed into bubbles and soon the whole bathroom was covered with bubbles.  While the boy was searching for the rat through the bubbles, the rat escaped out of the house.

The boy frantically used more water to clear the bubbles.  When all the bubble was gone, there was no trace of the rat.

The boy went to the father and said, “I don’t want the rat anymore.  It looks like it is made out of dirt.  As soon as I finished washing the dirt, the rat also dissolved.”

The father kept a straight face and said, “Fine”.  

Secretly he was relieved that the boy no longer wanted the rat.

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  • sloanie on Jul 14, 2010

    Nice story, should have got a white rat!!

  • Kaye TM on Aug 29, 2010

    haha. cool story. liked it!

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