A parody/short story of what happened after the book.

Edmond woke up, unaware of what had happened. His ship, the betrayal, the gold, the diamonds, the slaves, the poison, the heartache, and the count were all a dream.
His father was still alive, and Edmond raced to his father’s room to check on him.
            “Nothing is new,” Edmond said to himself. He sat in his bed pondering on why he had such a long dream. He watched as the sun rose and thought, only eight hours.
Edmond’s father awoke and saw Edmond lying on the floor.
            “How did you get there, unless,” his father said, with a twitch of curiosity.
            “Hello there,” Edmond eagerly replied.
            “You’re back!”
            “Have I gone somewhere?”
            “You don’t remember? You’ve been asleep for three days!”
            “What has happened? Where’s Ha-” Edmond stopped mid-sentence, remembering it was all a dream. His life been ruined by that horrible nightmare. Perhaps my friends are still alive, Edmond thought.
            “Yes son, what is it?”
            “I must go father.”
            “Go? But you should rest. Don’t you remember what happened?”
            “I have rested for three days, that is more rest than any man deserves.” Without another word Edmond left, but as he walked outside he found himself lost. The world outside his house was not one he was familiar with. He had known where he was for most of his life up to this point. He thought this must be the dream he had dreamed, for no one can change the physical world.
Edmond’s emotions and feelings from the dream had vanished like a lightning bolt when it hits the earth. He had changed nothing, but he retained the memories. He thought of Faria, who had died, yet had never lived. He thought of the treasure which he had found. “Thank you” were the words he wishes he could say to Faria one last time. He longed for which he could not have. There was only one thing left to do, ask his father how he lost his mind.
            “Father, what happened? What happened three days ago?” the nervous Edmond asked, afraid of the answer.
            “You had almost drowned three days ago.”
            “How did that happen?”
            “You had fallen off a ship during a storm. You’re lucky you’re alive. Your shipmates picked you up and asked if you were okay. You replied in a tongue not many people could interpret and fainted.”
            “But, I don’t understand, why wou-. That doesn’t make sense.” Edmond figured he had felt the cold sensation of drowning when he was thrown from the ship. He figured that someone wanted to kill him, or mess up his life. The dream must have been a vision of people he would meet and what he must do, but sadly this was not the case.
            “Alexander!” Edmond’s father cried. Edmond paid no attention to who his father was calling for. “Alexander, you must get some rest.” Edmond’s father pulled him inside.
            “Father, I don’t know where Alexander is.” Edmond said, confused.
            “Have you lost it son that you do not know your own na-.”
            “Father, say my name.”
            “Your name is Alexandre Dumas.” Edmond ran inside the house freighted from those last two painful words he would ever hear. He locked himself in his room, distressed about the world and everything in it. Was this life just a wading pool like the last? No, because when you wake you are sure where reality falls. Face down on a pillow Edmond cried until he had almost drowned for the second time. Then a blip of life flew through his hair. He knew who he was and what had happened that cold windy night on the ship. No one had tried to throw him, he jumped. It was someone else who had fallen but no one else had known. Life had been reawakened in Edmond and he lay on his bed remembering all his friends and family. He had joy again. This life he now grasped, he could not let slip away.

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