Mrs. Waverly makes an announcement at the end of the presentations.

All of the students did very well on the annual presentation day. Mandy did her individual project well, and both the rock project and the boat project went over without anything disastrous happening. When all of the students were finished, Mrs. Waverly made an announcement about how all of the students did so perfectly and how they truly set an example for others to follow.

Mandy went over to her mother and said, “So, what did you think?” Mrs. Parker said, “You did great!” Really, Mrs. Parker did not believe that Mandy had done great, but she just said that because she wanted to make her feel better.

Mandy was satisfied with how the annual presentation day went. She felt that she had done the best that she could and that the group projects went as well as they could. She knew that there was always room for improvement, but hopefully, things could only get better. Maybe they would even pass this time.

Nissa also thought that the projects had gone well. But, unlike Mandy, she was not as optimistic. Nissa had really been thinking about what Fred had said. What if he was right? If she was truly in denial about the real world, then she would never know how to properly help her students not to fail.

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