I wrote this after seeing the movie The Shadow. It’s a short story/movie treatment for a new version of the character the Shadow with a sci-fi flair to it, and filled with action. Enjoy!

A long day ends and fades into night. The time is 7:38 p.m. in the city of Chicago, June 2nd, and James Cranston is making his way home from work.

I remember the first time James started out telling his story to me, letting me know how he became what he is now, and how the Shadow came to life. I still can’t believe it completely, because it seems like one of those stories you would read out of those science fiction magazines, but I know it’s true. You see, I was there to see the aftermath. He told me what happened, and the truth.

James was your average guy, about 25 years of age, approximately 6 feet tall, dark hair, steel grey eyes, a good kid, never did anything to wrong anyone. He worked out every day, and he was very smart. At that time, he was working for a law firm as a junior partner in the district attorney office, and he was working on a case that would have projected him into the big light, working on prosecuting the Angelo Carlino case. The case was just as big as the John Gotti case, and I know that they gave James the case because the DA’s office at that time crooked as a three-dollar bill, but the cops wanted to put this guy behind bars, and we definitely had the goods on Carlino. We also had James under protection due to the death threats on his life. But I didn’t expect or even see what would have happened on that night.

As James walked home, he meant to spend a quiet evening home with father, David Cranston, who was visiting for the weekend, and on that night, his life changed forever.

“Hey, dad, I’m home.” said James. He threw his keys on to the nightstand next to the door, and walked into his two-bedroom condo, locking the door behind him.

“Anybody here?” He got no answer. Funny, he thought, he said he’d be here and that he had a surprise for me when I got back. He’s not like this. Maybe something’s wrong.

As he put his briefcase down on the kitchen table, with his groceries he bought from the local supermarket, he thought to himself, Maybe he went for a walk before dinner. Then he noticed the trail of blood on the floor, leading toward the guest bedroom.

Liked it
  • N. MCC on Jan 4, 2007

    I found this story quite enthralling, it held my interest. The person who wrote this has a vivid and very detailing way to put pen to paper. I found the premise of truth uplifting and magic a wishful part, refreshing. I liked this story and the words the author penned painted vivid mind pictures for me. I wish this person well in his writing endeavors, I believe he certainly has literary talent. Well done!!

  • Miss Mcann on Jan 4, 2007

    not bad.

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