I wrote this after seeing the movie The Shadow. It’s a short story/movie treatment for a new version of the character the Shadow with a sci-fi flair to it, and filled with action. Enjoy!

“And that is?”

Carlino sipped his tea, and looked directly into Sato’s eyes.

“First, you wished to show me that your arrival and challenge to me was a sign of your upset and concern over a certain individual, who has plagued both yours and my groups problems in the past, and express to me that the others are upset with me as well. With this matter, do not concern yourself, my friend. That matter has been taken care of, and it will no longer exist. I have just received word that one of my men has personally taken care of our problem. Not only that, as a stroke of luck, the Shadow was also related to another problem of mine, and both of them have been eliminated.”

“Are you sure of this?” Sato exclaimed, and for the first time, there was emotion in his voice, of hope that what was said, was indeed was true.

“Positive. In fact, he is in route here now, and will report to me of all the details.”


“Yes, indeed. Also, the other reasons why I let you have your man have his way with Carl was I wanted to show you that I will not act unless needed. Plus, my men need an occasional instruction or two on following orders, and they need to see that they must follow orders. Order must be achieved. It was what I was always taught by my father.” Angelo said, and paused to think of the last answer. He continued on.

“And finally, Carl was a liability, and I allowed him to act. I figured your man would serve my purposes, and eliminate any weaknesses that I might have, and I thought that my weak link would be best to be removed, so I could strengthen myself.”

“That which does not kill us, makes us stronger…..”


Sato pondered for a bit, and studied Angelo very closely.

“I have learned much about you as well today. You are extremely perceptive, cunning, and when needed, ruthless. It seems that you are the right man for the job. I am willing to concede my running for the Board’s head position, and will decide to back you instead. You are best suited to serve as the Board’s head. And I apologize for doubt in your abilities.” Because I will wait until you make a mistake. I will not underestimate you again, for at this time, you are too deadly. No, I will wait for you to make a mistake and then usurp your title for myself. A spider can wait patently for his next meal, Sato thought.

Liked it
  • N. MCC on Jan 4, 2007

    I found this story quite enthralling, it held my interest. The person who wrote this has a vivid and very detailing way to put pen to paper. I found the premise of truth uplifting and magic a wishful part, refreshing. I liked this story and the words the author penned painted vivid mind pictures for me. I wish this person well in his writing endeavors, I believe he certainly has literary talent. Well done!!

  • Miss Mcann on Jan 4, 2007

    not bad.

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