I wrote this after seeing the movie The Shadow. It’s a short story/movie treatment for a new version of the character the Shadow with a sci-fi flair to it, and filled with action. Enjoy!

“I know you’re not going to hurt me, because if you do I’m gonna shoot your ass. Now come out slowly, and I’ll refrain from blowing it off.”

“As you wish, but you must promise not to be alarmed. I am totally unarmed, and I will not hurt you.” said the voice.

Daniels felt in his heart that this guy wouldn’t hurt him. How do I really know that, though? he thought. He felt strange, but calm.

Then the man appeared out of nowhere, and startled Daniels right almost out of his shoes and socks.

“You promised not to be alarmed.”

“I’m not alarmed, I’m just scared shitless. Don’t do that again! You scared the fuck outta me!” said Daniels shakily.

“I apologize officer Joseph Daniels, it is just my way.”

“Well, your way scared . . . the . . . How did you . . .”

“Know that your name was Joseph Brian Daniels of 7619 Broadway St., in North Chicago, IL.? I know many things about you. You are a good man, a man of duty and of caring for your fellow man. And I know that those cigarettes will kill you if you continue smoking them, and that you son, Jacob doesn’t like the smell of the ‘stinky sticks’ and that . . .”

“OK, OK, enough already. You know way to much of me, mister, and I know nothing of you. Who are you, and what your story?”

“My story. . . .” the shadowed man said, looking as if he was thinking of what happened in his past. “Would like to hear the whole story, Lt. Daniels? If I promise to tell you the entire story, you must promise, by everything you hold sacred that you will not tell the others. Can you keep my secret?” the man asked, and looking at Daniels, wondering whether or not he could trust the man.

Daniels thought for a few seconds, wondering what story this man had to tell.

“Yeah. I’ll promise to keep your secret. I got a feeling it’s got a lot to do with what happened tonight, am I right?”

“Oh yes, Joseph, it does.”

And the man told him the story, from beginning to end. And when he was finished, Daniels couldn’t believe his ears.

“You me to say that you did all this?” questioned Daniels.

“No, Carlino brought it upon himself.” the man replied.

“That’s not what I meant, James. You know you have to come in with me, don’t you?”

Liked it
  • N. MCC on Jan 4, 2007

    I found this story quite enthralling, it held my interest. The person who wrote this has a vivid and very detailing way to put pen to paper. I found the premise of truth uplifting and magic a wishful part, refreshing. I liked this story and the words the author penned painted vivid mind pictures for me. I wish this person well in his writing endeavors, I believe he certainly has literary talent. Well done!!

  • Miss Mcann on Jan 4, 2007

    not bad.

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