I wrote this after seeing the movie The Shadow. It’s a short story/movie treatment for a new version of the character the Shadow with a sci-fi flair to it, and filled with action. Enjoy!

“You, what is your name.”


“Tommy, you mind is now clear of this incident. As far as you are concerned, you men did the job, but were unprepared and the job went sour. You personally killed me and my father. You will go back to your employer personally, and report to him that the job is completed. After that, you have a choice. After you have shown me where you employer resides, you will either turn yourself in to the police, and tell them what you’ve done, otherwise I will find you . . . and you pay me for your crimes. I suggest the first. Go.”

“Yes, sir.”

Tommy got up from the floor, and ran out the door.

He went back into the room to where his father lay on the floor, lifeless, and slowly took the ring off his father’s hand. From there, the message his father left in James’ subconscious flooded into his mind, and James’ understood. Avenge me, my son, and make them pay. And know that I will be with you always. I love you, my son. He picked up his father’s hat, scarf, and jacket, and put them on. He was in shock, but he didn’t care, as his hands trembled and shook. The only thing that James could focus on right now was one thing, which was defined clear as crystal.


Tonight, he thought, Mr. Angelo Carlino would have his worst fear come to him. He would see the dead form that he wanted dead so badly come back to life to haunt him. Haunt him straight to the grave.

Angelo Carlino had been sitting in his office on the second floor of his mansion, drinking his tea with milk, when his associate open the door to his office. Carlino was dressed in a white dress shirt with a cheap, wrinkled red tie. He leaned back in large, leather chair that creaked and moaned as it strained to hold his massive size, and looked up to the man as he walked up to the desk.

“How many times have I told you, Rocko, I don’t not want to be disturbed during my quiet time. And damn it, knock when you’re at the door!” Angelo scolded, and Rocko immediately bowed his head with a look of fear. God, Angelo thought, why do I have to keep these guys in line?

“I’m sorry, boss. You wanted me to inform you when Mr. Yokooka…” said Rocko, trying to apologize to him boss, when Carlino interrupted him.

“That’s Mr. Yokuga, Rocko….”

“Yeah, Yokuga is here to see you, as you wanted, boss.”

Liked it
  • N. MCC on Jan 4, 2007

    I found this story quite enthralling, it held my interest. The person who wrote this has a vivid and very detailing way to put pen to paper. I found the premise of truth uplifting and magic a wishful part, refreshing. I liked this story and the words the author penned painted vivid mind pictures for me. I wish this person well in his writing endeavors, I believe he certainly has literary talent. Well done!!

  • Miss Mcann on Jan 4, 2007

    not bad.

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