I wrote this after seeing the movie The Shadow. It’s a short story/movie treatment for a new version of the character the Shadow with a sci-fi flair to it, and filled with action. Enjoy!

“Very well, Rock, show him in. Before you do, though, remind me why I keep you around if you can’t even get a name right?”

“Because I follow orders, boss?”

“Good boy, Rocko. Now, go fetch Mr. Yokuga.”

“Yes sir.” Rocko left the office, and a minute later, Rocko and several other men escorted Yokuga and one other man as they walked though the oak double door. As they walked through, the air felt tense, as both examined each other. Every time Carlino encountered Sato Yokuga, they always seemed to size each other up, looking at each other for weaknesses, like cobra and the mongoose circle and watch each other warily before they attack each other.

Yokuga was a Japanese man of his mid-fifties, dressed a black elegant and expensive suit. He was, for his age, in excellent condition and looked as if he could still take on a man half his age. He even looked like a man in his early thirties, except for the color of his hair gave away his age, as it was streaked with many traces of gray within his black hair. His facial expression was emotionless, and that is was what scared Carlino the most. Since the time he met Yokuga, he never smiled nor was sad, never laughed nor was angry. The man almost seemed not . . . human.

“Domo arigato, Yokuga-san.” Carlino said, as he stood up, and as he had walked from behind his desk, gave a slight bow of respect. Always respect your enemies and your friends, and you’ll be able to keep to them from guessing, even a little bit, what you’re up to.

“And thank you, Mr. Carlino, for seeing me on such short notice.” said Sato, in a emotionless voice.

“I’m sorry Mr. Sato, I do not mean to be rude, but I did ask to see you alone. I do not mean to insult you, but your friend must leave, if we are to discuss . . . business.”

“And I mean no . . . disrespect, Mr. Carlino but I will not remove Mr. Takashi. He is part of this. But if you feel you need to remove him, be my guest. I will not stop you.” said Sato, and for the first time, Sato flashed Carlino a smile.

He’s daring me…challenging me, in front of my men, to remove his man, Takashi, from here. Something’s up, Carlino said to himself.

Liked it
  • N. MCC on Jan 4, 2007

    I found this story quite enthralling, it held my interest. The person who wrote this has a vivid and very detailing way to put pen to paper. I found the premise of truth uplifting and magic a wishful part, refreshing. I liked this story and the words the author penned painted vivid mind pictures for me. I wish this person well in his writing endeavors, I believe he certainly has literary talent. Well done!!

  • Miss Mcann on Jan 4, 2007

    not bad.

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