"The Right Man" is a crime/detective fiction short story.

            “Can you walk?” She asked. “Let’s get you to a hospital, sugar.” Sugar. This girl was a dream come true. The hospital sounded like a nightmare though.

            “No… n-no hospital.” I managed to stammer out. “I’ll be… alright.” She gave me a look that clearly showed her disbelief at my last statement. I took a few steps, limping on my right foot; it would be a long way back to my apartment.

            “Come on, Asa, come with me. We won’t go to the hospital. We’ll go to my place. You need to lie down.” I couldn’t fight that one. I wasn’t going to even try to fight it. I nodded and limped into the subway station. The car was packed and there was no place to sit. Standing in the car for half an hour didn’t help me one bit. I started to feel dizzy; darkness creeped around my peripheral vision. I tried my best to fight it.

            Sally Mae and I got out of the subway car and walked into the street. She put my arm over her shoulder and supported me until we got to her building. The dizzy feeling didn’t go away. The elevator ride was pure torture. The darkness was no longer in just my periphery; it was coming from all sides. The doors of the elevator opened. I fell face forward into the hall.



            When I came to, I was laying in a very pink bed. I looked around the room I was in; pink and pastel seemed to be its theme. I looked out the window; the sky was dark. I must have been out for a while. My clothes were lying across a white chair. I got up and tried to walk towards it. I forgot about the sharp pain in my right leg. I let out a yelp and fell onto the floor.

            Within seconds the door to the room flew open and Sally Mae West came rushing into the room.

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  • Sam Clemens on May 1, 2010

    If Raymond Chandler had been born one hundred years later, this is what he would have written. A very well done piece.

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