Life is short so live life without regrets.

The clock shows five minutes to midnight, Zeron makes the final arrangements before leaving, her friend Lilianne, Lily as he affectionately told her was in the hospital dying and now there was only something he could do, even if it could mean to lose everything. 

Lily had been sick for a long time and was of the few people who spoke him. He, like many other mages helped in the hospital, healing people with his skills, despite not being very good at it since Zeron skills were somewhat different, he practiced a different art, a kind of magic that had been forgotten and which made him hated by the people, even among those of his own profession. he was a sorcerer of the soul, could give life to inanimate objects of all kinds, he didn’t went to the hospital to cure patients but to bring joy and hope to people who were there, constantly giving the children toys that animate with his skills, unfortunately only the children appreciated his skills as not yet developed the ideas why the others despised him. 

Lily had an incurable disease and spent all day in the hospital, having no hope and his death was certain most people ignored it, except for Zeron who had found someone of his age who did not exclude him for what he was, Lilianne enjoyed his company when he told her incredible story to make you forget, even for a moment the disease. Even a day he gave her a cute little doll delighted to have company when he was not. 

Lilianne had gotten worse in recent days and his end was near. When the pain began increasing she asked her only friend that if the agony became unbearable that he ended her life because she had accepted death long ago and wanted to have at least a painless death. That was forbidden and in the hospital would leave her agonizing until the disease annihilate her. Zeron knew he could not cure her but at least he could avoid her suffering so he had agreed to Lily’s request. 

The time had arrived and he had to leave to fulfill his promise. When leaving the house meets with Grock, his loyal servant and protector, possibly the greatest creation he had done, unfortunately on this occasion couldn’t follow neither help him. The walk in the light of the moon was not very long, at this time everyone was sleeping so he could enter stealthy and get to Lily’s room without any problem. 

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  • johnmariow on Aug 23, 2012

    Excellent story. Nice twist at the end. I enjoyed reading the story.

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