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The Fall of 1944

            In the town of Calais, France there was a special cathedral called St. Magicity. There were many single widowed ladies who attended there and their pastors were very special. The Secretary Betsy was just starting her day as the phone rang.

“Hello Ma’m.” said the stranger. “ I am a detective from Paris and I want use of your “magic”,” said the man.

“What are you talking about? Good-bye!” Said Betsy as she hung up the phone.

            Later the phone rang again and she answered it.

“Hello?” Said Betsy curiously.

“Hello I am an American Army Officer and want to buy your “magic”,” said the man.

“We don’t have “magic” now goodbye!” Said Betsy even more angrily.

            The next day training was over and the mission was to begin. She watched others be launched to different locations and the pastors focusing with their magnetic hats on. She adjusted the bomb times in her pocket and saw it was her turn. She took a seat and strapped herself to it, then she was off to Paris. She approached the Capital Building in Paris and then she went “boom”…

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