A story of two young boys who the haunted by an experience while they go fishing.

“I have heard fishermen’s tales, before but that is a bit unfair.” Anne said, rubbing a towel around Joshua, while She thought of Mary, whose husband was at war eorge.

“Come on David its time you got off to bed, Anne would you and Joshua like to stay tonight, I could do with a bit of company and I’m sure you do as well.” Mary said, hoping Anne would take her up on her offer. She was anxious about her husband G

They had little news from him or his garrison for months. All she heard was that the winter storms had just begun and the army was on its way to Balaclava.

“This is the ditch where we took cover and this is where one of the wheels nearly ended up in the ditch.” David showed his disbelieving mother.marks…. Oh you little terror, you’re having me on.” Mary patted David on the head and Anne shook her head with a smile, and then walked on. ’t any evidence from the events from the night before.

“Well its soft and muddy here but there aren’t any hoof or wheel

The two boys stood confused for a moment, wondering to why there wasn

“It was horrible Mummy, I was standing there, every man and horse around me lay dead as I looked for Father.” He sobbed more then went on.“When I found him it was as though he had been dead for weeks; please tell me he’s still alive Mother and that it’s only a dream.”

Mary looked down at him cradling him in her arms; she looked up to heaven as a tear came to her eyes.

“Father will be all right, now come on David you must try and get to sleep now, I’ll read you another story now settle down.”

The next day Mary and David were informed of the disastrous fate of the Charge of the Light Brigade a few days earlier.

This haunted David for many years after, every time he went fishing his father would guide him, and on the way home he and Joshua would hear the sounds of men shouting and screaming with wagons and horses hoofs clattering on the stones.

The following morning Anne and Mary cooked the trout for breakfast and after walked down to the village with the two boys to do some shopping at the local store.

Joshua 12 years was older than David 10 years and took charge of his young friend whenever they went fishing.

Their houses were the only two within a mile and a half of the local village, so they only played with other children from the village when they went to school.

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