Quran tells us the story of Korah, one of the people of Moses. But the Koran does not specify the time the story does not place.

Photos from inside the Palais des Karun Fayumصور قصر قارون من الداخل بالفيوم Quran tells us the story of Korah, one of the people of Moses. But the Koran does not specify the time of the story in its place. Is this story took place and the children of Israel and Moses in Egypt before going out? Or occurred after the exit in the life of Moses? Or occurred in the Children of Israel after Moses? Apart from the different accounts, we cite the story as mentioned by the Koran.

God tells us for the treasures of Karun says Almighty The keys of the rooms, which includes treasures, it was difficult to get it to a group of able-bodied men. If they knew the keys treasures this case, how was the treasure itself?! But Karun punk after his people to whom God rich. It does not mention the Koran, Wim was prostitute, to let him Mjhla includes various images. They may prostitute their iniquities and Buraq their land and their goods. Perhaps prostitute them by depriving them of their right to that money. Right of the poor in the wealth of the rich. Perhaps prostitute them without reasons. It seems that the wise men of his people advised him to intent and moderation, which is the proper approach. Ihdhiroh understanding of the joy that might lead to forget is Moneim this money, and advise him the enjoyment of money in the world, not to forget the Hereafter, he must work for the Hereafter this money. And remembered that this money is a gift from God and charity, he has to improve and charity of this money, even charity is charity. And warning him of corruption in the land, Balbgi, injustice, envy, and hatred, and spending money in the face, or grabbing what it ought to be. Allah loveth not mischief.
Reply was Karun buyers, one carrying the various meanings of corruption (he said but I possess the knowledge I have). I forget his ego the source of this grace and wisdom, charm and blinded by money and wealth. Karun did not listen to the call of his people, did not feel the grace of his Lord. Karun and left one day to his people, fully decorated, Aftart hearts of some people, and wished to have such as what is given Karun, and felt that a great blessing. He answered them, of hearing from the people of science and faith: Woe to you Dupes, beware of sedition, and fear Allah, and know that Allah’s reward is better than this adornment, what is with Allah is better than when Karun.
And when it reaches the trial ornamental peak, scramble in front of the souls and falling apart, interfere with the divine power to put an end to strife, and ruthless people vulnerable of allure, crash vanity and pride, intestines punishment decisive (the least little tags and swallow the earth) so in a snapshot swallowed the earth and swallowed his home. And went weak, helpless, do not support him, no one, win or status of the money. And people started talking to each other in astonishment and wonder and consideration. He said those who were hoping that they have money, power and Karun decorated and fortune in the world: that God really simplifies the provision for whom He wills of His slaves, and expands on them, or caught it, then praise be to God that we Vhfezna of degradation and the painful punishment. Surely you repented Glorified, praise in the first orbit and in the Hereafter.

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