OUTLINE: A rich man’s elephant—goes to the river every day to drink water—a tailor’s shop—gets a loaf daily—tailor angry one day—pricks his trunk with a needle—elephant sprinkles mud in his shop on return.


                Once upon a time a rich man’s elephant went to the river every day to enjoy a bath. There was a tailor’s shop on the way. He stopped there, one day, to have a look at it. The tailor gave him a loaf of bread and enjoyed him hold it in his trunk. This went on for several days. But, one day, he pricked a needle into his trunk, instead of giving him a loaf of bread. The elephant quietly went away. But he determined to take revenge.

        He enjoyed a bath as usual. But, before he came out of the river, he filled his trunk with mud. When he reached in front of the tailor’s shop, he stopped for a while to sprinkle it all over the clothes that were hanging against the walls. The tailor was sorry for offending the elephant. But it was of no use to him now.

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