A story of all my not be what it seems!

                                                    The Tunnel.

There was no wind stirring the bushes. The night was ink black, the stars looked like neon lights. It was a lovers night an astrologer’s night. However not for No3 Troop of the Dutch Resistance. Eight fit young men sagged themselves in the undergrowth. Rolfe pulled back the cocking bolt on his English made sub-machine gun. He then put the safety on the Sten gun and swung it around his back on the leather strap. David the leader of 3-troop sneaked his way to Rolfe and gave him a canvas bag and said,

             “Now Rolfe we’re counting on you. Place the explosives near the centre of the tunnel. Then time how long it takes for you to get there so you leave enough delay for your return, got it?”

Rolfe nodded and drew in a deep breath. He looked at his Sega watch it was 9.59pm. The German troop train was due through the tunnel at 10.20pm, it was time to go. Rolfe crossed himself than sped off in a crouch towards the huge tunnel entrance. His fellow freedom fighters covered his run to the dark tunnel entrance. Rolfe went a hundred yards into the tunnel then flattened himself to the wall. The train tunnel wall was slimy and dank. Years of moss hung down the cold walls. 

Rolfe took the bag of plastic explosives and wedged them behind a rusty ladder. There was just enough room to access the basic timer. He set the timer for 10.18pm knowing the German’s time keeping, the train would be on time to the second. He looked at his luminous dialled watch it was 10.04pm. Rolfe took a deep breath, it was no small undertaking he had done there were civilians on the express train as well as high ranking Nazi’s. 

As Rolfe spun on his heals to exit the cold tunnel he saw a lone figure approaching him carrying an oil lamp! Rolfe spun the Sten gun into his grip and thumbed off the safety catch. The figure approached slowly as the light drew nearer Rolfe took a good look at the man. He wore a boiler suit and an oily looking cap. The man looked around 50 years old. His skin was very sallow it reflected off the light from the oil lamp. Finally the figure spoke,

Liked it
  • Sceptical Thinker on Jun 20, 2012

    Only one thing LB quite clearly bullets couldn’t hurt the ghost, however how could the ghost take the explosives?? or have I missed the point ? anyway enjoyable read .

  • PR Mace on Jun 20, 2012

    Quite an interesting ghostly tale. Wonder what the ghost did with the explosives? Wonder if Rolfe will also become a ghost in the tunnel? Good read, enjoyed it much.

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