Chapter 9
Going Home.

    Chapter Nine

 Going Home

The sun was shining brightly and a strange calm had settled over all the land. Matine and Griff had been restored to their rightful places, upon the thrones, within the beautiful walls of the Cathedral, and if Eric had ever had his doubts about who was good and who was bad…once he met Matine, face to face, all doubt had fled. She was so sweet, so innocent and affectionate. She and Griff were King and Queen but she had not quite reached the age of marriage ability. The Matron had wanted to wed the King and keep Matine from turning eighteen. For upon the eve of this, her eighteenth birthday, all power and wealth would be drawn to Matine as rightful queen.

Griff and Matine had in fact married at the great feast the night before and now they led the entourage, as it took the warriors back to the edge of the vanishing pond.

Eric stood tall in his warriors garb, his chin quivered ever so slightly, as Griff came to stand tall before he and Donny.

“I want you two men to know it has been a rare privilege…sharing your company and watching you grow these past months. I wont forget you, our people will ever herald and honor your names, as the heroic warriors you have proven yourselves to be.” 

With that Griff stepped back and Matine stepped forward and, indicating that they should kneel before her, each boy dropped to one knee. Lifting their hair, she pressed a tender kiss upon each of their foreheads. The spot tingled and itched and as Donavon reached up to rub his head he cast Eric a questioning glance. Matine smiled then turned away from them for a moment only to return with two amulets which hung on gold stitched leather strands. The amulet was crafted of fine white and yellow gold and in the middle, held tightly within the feet and wings of a dragon, was a rare and precious gem known only to this land. Matine then caressed each of their cheeks and ran her fingers through their hair.

“This dragon will protect you, the gem will call us if you’re ever in need, and when we need you, your mark will tingle and the amulet will summon the pond when rubbed. You cannot lose your amulet for it will find you. Now go and live brave warriors…until we meet again.” With that Matine floated into the air and vanished. The procession also seemed to have dispersed into the woods, where they also disappeared, until Eric and Donavon were left with only Griff.

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