White dog.

A breed of large white dog, very obedient, comes from the region of Gaomi, my hometown in rural north-east, after a few generations, however, it became difficult to find a single pedigree. Today, we no longer find that little bastard, even if we find a white dog by the merest chance, he still has some mixed hair, evidence of dubious ancestry. Simply, the proportion of these hairs over the whole is not great, and, moreover, they are in places where they do not notice. While we continue to call these dogs “white dogs”, without making the effort to correct the term to make it stick to reality.


This is one of those “white dogs” totally white except the tips of front paws, which was black, who came to spend, head down and looked sad, the completely dilapidated stone bridge that crosses the river from my homeland, just as I was spraying me down the face of clear water, by the stone steps leading to the water level from the bridge entrance. It was the end of the seventh lunar month and Gaomi, cashed in his site, a furnace was unbearable. Coming out of the bus which had brought me the head of the district in my old village, I was drenched in sweat and my face and neck covered with ocher dust. After I washed my face and neck, I felt like I undress completely for jumping into the water, but, following the road brown eyes who was leaving the bridge and went through the fields, I saw someone a move away, and therefore gave up this idea within me, I took a handkerchief in the collection that had given me the companion with whom I lived, and wiped my face and neck. It was past noon, the sun was already slightly to the west, and a breeze was blowing from the southeast, soft and fresh, which gave an impression of well-being and was slightly oscillate up of sorghum stalks, with a low rumble while ruffling more hair of the dog. He approached, wagging his tail and then I saw her two black legs.


Arrived at the bridge entrance, this white dog with black legs stopped to turn around and look off the dirt road, then turned to me two eyes to look cloudy, dull and distant, which read something vague , as an allusion which gave rise within me an indefinable feeling.


After I left the village to continue my education, my parents also had moved to live with my brother, in another province, as I just had close relatives there, I was no more income, and ten Years passed and, in one go, it’s not nothing, but it

is not that long either. Just before the summer, my father came to see me at the school where

I was teaching, he spoke of the country, without being able to help sighing deeply in evoking. He wanted me to go check it out, but I told him I had a lot of work, I could not leave, then he shook his head disapprovingly. After he left, I had felt nervous, so finally, I had decided and I was back to the village.


The white dog turned his head to look off the road brown, then turn to me under his eyes blurred. At the sight of his two black feet, stunned, I was about to immerse myself in

old memories, when suddenly he returned his scarlet tongue and gave me two barking. Then he lifted a hind leg against one of the stone piers of the bridge and urinated, like all dogs, after which he went down quietly by the way I had to take to get to the waterfront, and planted himself at my side, lower back tail between hind legs, and sticking out his tongue to lap up water.

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